Nädal 4: Võrkpall nädal

Laupäev, juuli 21, 2018 - 11:00am to Laupäev, juuli 28, 2018 - 10:00am
Early Bird Fee (before May 15th): 
$475 ($400 USD)
$525 ($450 USD)

Jõekääru Suvekodu Selts (JSS) / Estonian Camp Udora, Inc. and Kalev Volleyball Club Bring you …Jõekääru Kalev Volleyball Camp!

Kalev Volleyball Club and Jõekääru Children’s Camp have organized another volleyball camp for this summer.

Registration forms are below!


(705) 228-8173 (Please use the telephone only for emergency situations).

Registration email



Arrival – Saturday, July 21 2017, registration 11am-1pm, opening ceremony at 2pm, to Saturday, July 28, 2017 – ending at 10am.
Families are welcomed at the Tournament of Champions on July 27!


Jõekääru Kalev Volleyball Camp accepts children between the ages 5 -17 (as of December 31, 2018).

We also provide a Coaches-in-Training (CIT) program for youth 18+.
For program details, contact Taimo Ilves at ilvest3@hotmail.com


We will be bringing in special trainers for this to help the children develop their skills and learn to play great volleyball. We will also have regular camp counsellors during this time. We will also be running an Introduction to Volleyball program, which will run for an abbreviated part of each day for ages 5-7.


The registration deadline for discounted rates is 15th of May.

Participation Fees

Kitchen staff and summer camp personnel are eligible for wages, plus discounted summer camp fees for their children.

The discounted rate for campers is available until the 15th of May. For Kalev Volleyball campers ages 8-17 of $475 CAD / $400 USD per child for the week. The discounted rate for the Introduction to Volleyball program for ages 5-7 is $425 CAD / $350 USD. Post-dated cheques are acceptable, but the first cheque must be dated May 15.

After the 15th of May, the full camp fee for campers ages 8-17 is $525 CAD / $450 USD per child for the week. The rate for the Introduction to Volleyball program for ages 5-7 is $475 CAD / $400 USD.

As a result of costs and labour to maintain the Jõekääru ground facilities, we have implemented an additional fee of $125 CAD / $100 USD per family OR a one 8-hr work day (per family). Please check the Jõekääru website for details and dates for May and June. We hope to see you there!

NOTE: If your family has any children that attend regular camp, there is no additional cost nor work day required for Volleyball camp.

Camp fees include the cost of a volleyball camp t-shirt.

Each participating camper (ages 8-17) is required to have their own volleyball at camp. If they do not yet own one, high quality, OVA volleyballs are available for purchase for $45 CAD / $40 USD at the camp.


Trainers: Present and past top Estonian players and trainers
Program: within OVA training


We gratefully accept all donations (money, labour, materials, expertise) to help with rebuilding/ renovating our facilities and to help improve our sports programs.

Medical Form

Please fill out the medical form in full and mail it with your registration form. Update the forms as needed when camp starts. If the form isn’t filled out (with Health Card number) your child will not be permitted to stay at the camp. We need the Health Card number for your child’s safety – if anything happens we’ll require it for admission to Hospital. The vaccination section is also important information for the Doctor to have, should your child require medical attention.
Age Groups in each “Tare” Bunkhouse

Primary / Väiksed 5 - 7 years old (born 2011-2013)*may change

Junior / Keskmised 8 – 12 years old (born 2006-2010)*may change

Senior / Suured 13 – 17 years old (born 2005-2001)*may change

Summer Camp’s Discipline

All campers must abide by the summer camp’s discipline policy. Those who are unwilling to do so will be sent home. Malicious damage to camp property is to be repaid in full by parents. No personal food or drink items are allowed in the cabins as per regulations set by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Upon Arrival

Register at the camp office and hand all forms filled out in full to the Registrar. Once all the forms are handed in and the fee is paid you will get an admission slip from the registrar to give to the counselor. Locate your child’s cabin and counselor; give the admission slip to him/her. A weekly money allowance (we suggest $10.00) may also be given to the counselor for safe-keeping.


Kitchen staff and summer camp personnel are eligible for wages, plus discounted summer camp fees for their children. For further information please call:
Liisa Neges at 647-524-5687, or send an e-mail to: joekaaruregistrar@hotmail.com.


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